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Looking for rental in or around Bates County

A small Christian family, is seeking a 3 Bedroom home with a fenced backyard for rent with in, preferably but not opposed to, Bates County.   We have an excellent rental history to include all rental monies paid ON TIME IN FULL.  NO LATES!  We have an excellent list of personal and business related references.  We have the means available to care for and maintain the outward appearance of the rental property, i.e. riding lawnmower, edgers, etc.  The inside of the rental property will be cared for with the same level of respect.  As a show of full disclosure,  we do have pets, with that being said, our pets are well mannered with even temperaments.  They are house trained, no scratches, no digging, no loud, unnecessary or excessive barking and absolutely no chasing of smaller animals.  We are unopposed to the necessity of a pet deposit being charged.   Should you have a property available or you have additional questions, please feel free to contact myself or my husband at the contact information listed below.  Thank you.

Steven Walters     (660-464-0391) or,
Andrea Walters    (660-464-0932)