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UPDATE!! Amazing response!! Please keep the donations coming!! Community Help Wanted

FREE Thanksgiving meal ON Thanksgiving day. Delivery will go out by 1030 AM and pickup will be from 12-1230 PM. Dine in opens at 12 PM and dinner is served at 1 PM. ALL are welcome!! Everything is at the Butler Senior Center. Deadline to order delivery will be November 22, at 5PM. Call 660-679-3333 to sign up for delivery or pickup.

We have people signed up for delivering in all areas except Rich Hill/Rockville. If you are interested and want to help, please call the Carpenters Cup at 660-679-3333 or contact Judge Julie Highley.

We have plenty of food for the Thanksgiving meal. The excess food will be given away in the form of food gift baskets for Thanksgiving. The food items we still need for the gift baskets are: ready made boxes of pie crusts, cans of pie filling, rolls, and turkey gravy mixes. If there's any food left then, it will be given as gift baskets for Christmas. We are using money donations to pay for advertising, to go containers, disposable cooking pans, miscellaneous food items needed for making the meal. The rest of the money will be given to the Butler Senior Center and to the Carpenters Cup Project Hand Up. If you are interested in contributing money, either give it to the Carpenters Cup or to Judge Julie Highley.

We are anticipating feeding around 500 people county wide. If you haven't signed up, please do. Please share this with your friends and family. No one should be without a good meal especially on Thanksgiving. If you want to prepare your own meal and haven't signed up for a food gift basket, please call 660-679-3333.

As we move forward to the end of year, we are looking toward Christmas also. We will be providing food gift baskets. Last year, we had some churches bring in baskets, we had generous donors provide food items and we had gifts of money so we could buy the food and baskets to give away. We will start taking names for the Christmas food baskets now.

We have been asked to provide names of shut in's so they can receive a small gift at Christmas time. As long as they are in Bates County, we don't care where they live. The small gifts will consist of crossword puzzles, puzzles, coloring books and pencils, word search, etc. We have someone that will deliver these small gifts.

As we did last year, the Carpenters Cup is going to work with Walmart for the Adopt a Family. We are going to start accepting gift wrapping and bows for the families to wrap their own presents. The details are not ironed out yet for this, but will be announced when time gets closer.

We have heard so many people say (as they are giving a money or food donation) that this community is a very generous community and we agree.